UreKem Hot Custom Colors Color Selector Chip Chart



This chart contains actual sprayouts of our hottest 160 colors grouped by solids, metallics, 2 stage pearls, and 3 stage effects. The colors on this chart are based on weatherable pigments for long lasting durability. These are hand sprayed with the actual paint color and not a "ink representation" as some companies have done.


Here is a list of colors shown on the chart:

Solids:  Super Bright White, Glacial White, Vanilla Milkshake, Bone, Buckskin, Smooth Grey, Spring Yellow, Viper Yellow, Speed Yellow, Golden Harvest, Steel Grey, Rich Brown, Rugged Brown, Lava Orange, Octane Orange, Garnet, Flamin' Red, Tru Red, Red Hot, Habanero, Burgundy, Peach, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Magenta, Teal, Indigo Blue, Bright Blue, Tru Purple, Lavender, Hunter Green, Turquoise, Rich Aqua, Key Lime, Electric Lime, Militant, Blue Skies, Robin's Egg, Mint, Martian


Metallics: Stellar Silver, Silver Ice, Platinum Mist, Fine Silver, Tungsten, Black Sparkle, Charcoal Grey, Gunmetal Grey, Wool Grey, Pewter, Coffee Bean, Texas Tea, Copperhead, Beryllium Orange, Burnt Orange, Red Gold, Egyptian Gold, Light Gold, Champagne, Fawn, Dusty Rose, Sassy Pink, FireHawk, Crimson Crush, Slate Blue, Shady Blue, Plum, Viola Crystal, Sangria, Dark Quasar Blue, Royal Blue, Blue Ray, Aqua Blue, Arctic Blue, Euro Racing Green, Galactic Green, Zombie Green, Apple Green, Teal Metallic


2 Stage Pearls: Sunrise Orange, Sunset Orange, Orangelo, Orange Blast, Toxic Tomato, Cherry Bomb, Scarlet Fever, Maroon Mica, Sparkling Merlot, Black Cherry, Geaux Gold, Cinnamon, Copper, Root Beer, Izit Brown, Specta Black, Phantom Black, Tahitian Black, Black Ice, Black Gold, Static Grey, Purple Rain, Vibrant Violet, Purple Passion, Intruder Purple, Titanium, Yella Bellied, Holy Guacamole, Olive Fab, Twisted Lime, Midnight Blue, Midnight Envy, Teal Mystique, LimeTime, Rainforest Green, Shadow Blue, Big Blue, Pacific Blue, Tru Blue, Hot Pink Pearl


3 Stage Finishes: StarFire White, MicroWhite, Blizzard Beach, Galaxy Blue, Amethyst Frost, Snow Blush, Turquoise Slope, Gold Dust, Shaved Ice, Acrtic Crystals, Lilac Dreams, Celebrity Pink, Miami Beach, Noxious, Spicy Salsa, DoveStone, Dark Wineberry, Matador Red, Laser Red, Hyper Red, Moss Grey, Sand Storm, Brass, Gold Digger, Sik Salmon, Screamin' Yellow, Giallo Midas, Dream Sikle, Ecstasy Orange, Butter Scotch, Lambo Lime, Paradise Pearl, Daminted, Antarctic Blue, Emerald Bay, Deep Water Blue, Mysterious Purple, Purquoise, Bonsai Beach, Cosmic Turquoise


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 



Do I have to pay shipping for this chart?

No. The chart ships for free to the continental U.S by postal mail.


Does the paint come out like the chips?

The chips are hand painted with the actual paint we sell. However, due to natural variation in effect colors with changing environmental conditions, equipment and technique your actual paint spray may vary some from the chips on the chart.  Once you receive your actual paint always spray a test panel before proceeding with your project. 


Are all your colors on this chart?

No. We sell thousands of colors and putting them all on one chart would make it unaffordable for the average customer. This chart contains 160 custom colors (not factory color matches) that represents an array of rich color space available in solids, metallics, pearls, and unique 3 stage finishes.


Can I get a larger sprayed sample?

Sorry, we do not sell larger sprayed or small liquid samples. It is cost prohibitive to manage a larger scale sample program.  This chart is intended to be a good starting point for color selection.  Once you have made your selection we encourage you to spray a larger test panel before you start your project.




Do you have more photos of cars and bikes? 

We regularly add customer project photos to our facebook page. Click the banner here to visit then click on photos.


UreKem Hot Custom Colors Color Selector Chip Chart
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