Car Paint Mixing Cups Quart (32 ounce) 100 Count
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Car Paint Mixing Cups Quart (32 ounce) 100 Count

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Up for sale in this listing is a lot of (100) brand new never used quart (32 ounce) UreChem branded mixing cups with graduations for common volumetric mix ratios, ounces, millileter. These cups are made from polymers resistant even to strong solvents and feature an easy to see through appearance so you can accurately measure your components. Great for quickly and accurately measuring components for casting resins, paints, diluting chemicals and many more uses. Natural low surface energy of the polymer reduces adhesion of many resins often making it easy to clean and re-use these cups.


Mix Ratios Featured on this Cup Include (but not limied to):


2:1:10% (Also used for 2:1 mixes)

3:1:1 (Also used for 3:1 mixes)

4:1:1 (also used for 4:1 mixes)

5:1:1 (also used for 5:1 mixes)

6:1:1 (also used for 6:1 mixes)

8:1:1 (also used for 8:1 mixes)

Using the "parts" scaling, ounce scaling, or ml scaling you can simply mix any mix ratio using these cups.





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