Equasion HS Polyurethane Imron 193S Offset Activator
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Equasion HS Polyurethane Imron 193S Offset Activator

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This listing features a QUART of IA-1935 Polyurethane Activator.


A high quality product at a competitive price! This activator is compatible with products calling for Imron 193S* when used at the same mixing ratio as called for with the Imron 193S*. May also replace other activators. Contact us to see if this may be a suitable replacement for your activator needs.


IA-1935 was formulated to replace 193S using the same isocyanate trimer chemistry, polyurethane grade solvents and the level of reactants has been adjusted to ensure proper reaction with coatings that typically call for the 193S*activator. Weatherable isocyanates, proper NCO reactant group concentration, urethane grade solvents, and moisture free packaging ensures this activator will last a long time and give you the same great durability you expect from your Imron* finishes. While Dupont neither makes nor endorses the use of this product, it performs very similar to Imron 193S when used in applications requiring Imron 193S activator.



Legal Note:  While Equasion products may perform like comparable products from E. I. Axalta Coating Systems, LLC , owner of the registered trademarks "IMRON" "V-192S", "192S" and 193S they are neither made, endorsed or recommended by Axalta Coatings Systems, LLC. Intended for professional use only in controlled environments where proper exposure controls and personal protective equipment are in use.



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