Pearl Powder


Our pearl powders are made with raw materials from market leading supliers of automotive quality effect pearls.  We offer three categories of pearlescent powder for varying effects and personal preference including traditional mica pearls (ClassicFx), Xirallic® pearls (Screamin' Pearl), and Glass based pearl often called "ICE" pearl (PrismFx).  


Note: Xirallic® is a raw material used by UreChem Paints and a trademark owned and protected by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.  However, Merck KGaA neither makes nor endorses UreChem Paints.

Which Pearl Powder should I use?

The pearl powder you use depends on primarily on the effec you are after.  Natural Mica based pearls such as our ClassicFx series is the most commonly used pearl effect pigments in the industry and produces a wide array of effects in a more affordable cost range.  Newer synthetic pearlescent materials such as Merck KGaA's Xirallic® series of effect powders offer cleaner, brigther sparkle effects that have gained popularity in newer car stylings due to the enhanced brightness and sparkling effect. We sell the Xirallic® based pearls under our trade name of Screamin' Pearl.  Shaved glass based or "Ice Pearls" such as our PrismFx series offer high sparkle effects with the colored nature of pearlescent pigments.  PrismFx pearl particles can be as large as 200 micrometers which will often get caught in the average paint strainer so these types od paints should not be strained prior to use or strained with a filter greater than 200 micrometers to avoid filtering the pearl pigment out of the paint.  Each type has it's own appeal with different customers.

All pearl color options are shown below.  If you would like to see only the options for a specific type simiply click on the image at the top for the respective pearl type you would like to see.