QuadFlex 2K Plastic Primer Quart Kit
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QuadFlex 2K Plastic Primer Quart Kit

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This listing features one quart of QuadFlex 2K Urethane Primer (black in color) and a half pint of activator. QuadFlex QFP44 is a two component polyurethane primer designed with urethane reactant copolymers, extender pigments and additives to create a primer that applies easily, seals well and has the adhesion and flexibility required for refinishing plastic substrates commonly found in the automotive industry. 


** Mixes 4:1 **

Four Parts QFP44 Series Primer with 1 Part UA Series Activator


Check your local regulations for compliance issues. We offer Low V.O.C. finished for customers in areas that require Low V.O.C. compliance. Contact us for more information at info@thecoatingstore.com.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 



How is it possible to sell these products so much less than other companies?

Our unique sales and marketing strategy allows us to save large amounts of money by not hiring a national sales force to distribute our products. Furthermore, we do not have large marketing budgets based off exorbitant costs of race and show sponsorships.


Is this a quality product?

Absolutely, but don't take our word for it. Click on the image below to pull up our latest unbiased reviews on our product and services through our ebay store.


How much paint do I need?

The amount of paint depends on a lot of factors but generally one kit will paint the outside and jambs on most vehicles. Large SUVs or large trucks where you are spraying inside the bed may need another quart kit or two but this is rare.


Which gloss sheen should I use?

The sheen you choose really comes down to personal preference. In general the flatter sheens show less dirt and contaminants (low gloss finishes are very hard to polish out nibs) while the glossier sheens like satin and semi will look blacker and are generally eaiser to maintain.


How much is shipping and how long will it take before I get my kit?

Shipping is based on order total and orders over $400.00 will ship for free to the continental USA!. View our shipping map below for an estimate of how many work days it will take for you to receive your product. See the shipping chart below for shipping cost to the continental USA.



I live in California.  Can I use this product?

Check local regulations before purchasing. Some areas (parts of California) may require a special "low VOC" version of this kit. Contact us at info@thecoatingstore.com for more details.

Do you have more photos of cars and bikes? 

We regularly add customer project photos to our facebook page. Click the banner here to visit then click on photos.