Tahitian Black Pearl, Low Gloss Single Stage,1.5 Gallon Kit
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Tahitian Black Pearl, Low Gloss Single Stage,1.5 Gallon Kit

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What's Included With This Kit

  • 1 Gallon of Hot Rod Color
  • 1 Quart of Activator  (3 speed selections)
  • 1 Quart of Reducer (3 speed selections)


 Also available in a quart kit for smaller projects.  To learn more about our automotive paint kits in general visit this link for an article on our blog.



Our Low Gloss Hot Rod colors combine urethane polymers and co-reactants with automotive grade pigment and flatting agents to produce automotive colors with cool low gloss looks that last. Mixes 4:1:1 with UreKem activator and reducer. For more details on how to use this product, click on the tech sheet link below. To learn more about our hot rod flats style colors visit our blog by cllicking here: https://www.thecoatingstore.com/low-gloss-hot-rod-colors/.


Check your local regulations for compliance.  Most of California, Maryland, Deleware, Rhode Island and potentially other areas now require the use of a low VOC automotive paint.  This kit is not a low VOC product.  Contact us at info@thecoatingstore.com for alternatives for use in low VOC markets.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 



How is it possible to sell these products so much less than other companies?

Our unique sales and marketing strategy allows us to save large amounts of money by not hiring a national sales force to distribute our products. Furthermore, we do not have large marketing budgets based off exorbitant costs of race and show sponsorships.


Is this a quality product?

Absolutely, but don't take our word for it.  Click on the image below to pull up our latest unbiased reviews on our product and services through our ebay store.


How much paint do I need?

The amount of paint depends on a lot of factors but generally one kit will paint the outside and jambs on most vehicles.  Large SUVs or large trucks where you are spraying inside the bed may need another quart kit or two depending on color.


What gloss sheen are these colors?

The sheen will vary some from color to color and how it is applied.  Most are matte and satin sheens.  If you need a specific sheen that appears different than the photo you can apply our low gloss clear over this single stage or our basecoat to achieve a specific gloss sheen.


Which activator and reducer should I use?

Choose your activator and reducer based on the size of the area you are painting and the temperature of the parts you are painting.  Low gloss finishes apply more evenly if you keep the finish wet and give it longer to flash and flow.  Therefore, slower activator and reducer speeds are often beneficial.  For painting a whole car we recommend using the standard (medium) up to about 80-85F metal temp and the the slow above that. 


How much is shipping and how long will it take before I get my kit?

Shipping is based on order total and orders over $400.00 will ship for free to the continental USA!. View our shipping map below for an estimate of how many work days it will take for you to receive your product. See the shipping chart below for shipping cost to the continental USA.




  Does this product meet my local VOC requirement?

Check local regulations before purchasing. Some areas require a "low VOC" automotive paint for compliance with new air regulations. The map below shows some known low VOC regulated areas in red. However, regulations change often so always check your local regulations before purchasing. Contact us at info@thecoatingstore.com for more details.