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Frequently Asked Questions


How to find different sizes or kit options for the colors?

The easiest way to find the size and kit options for each color is to type in the color name in the search box at the top of your screen with “quotations marks” around the color name and click the go button.  For instance, if you wanted to see all the size and kit options for black cherry pearl you would type “black cherry pearl” in the search box (the quotes are important) , click go and that would pull up all the available options for that color.  Please note that the photo of the color itself will only show for the car kit or gallon kit option.  The other size options will only display a picture of the paint cans you would receive.


Is this a quality product?

Our products are designed, tested, and manufactured to provide quality comparable to major automotive paint brands’ high end products.  Major automotive paint lines have product lines with multiple quality and pricing levels.  Our products cover, lay down, appear, and hold up comparable to the higher brands costing 2-3 times as much as our product.  Our products typically cover better and hold up better than the average low cost product line from the major brands.  Click on the image below to read thousands of unbiased reviews.  When choosing an automotive paint line always rely on unbiased reviews from reputable independent sites like ebay and amazon.  Testimonials, reviews on a company’s site, and forum posts  can be altered by the company to paint a positive picture whereas independent sites can not be influenced to alter feedback.


How much is shipping and how long will it take before I get my kit?

Shipping is based on order total and orders over $400.00 will ship for free to the continental USA!. View our shipping map below for an estimate of how many work days it will take for you to receive your product. See the shipping chart below for shipping cost to the continental USA.


Can I use my primer, clear, and reducers in your paint?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  Is it worth the risk?  Our primers, clears, and reducers are often higher quality AND less expensive than what you can get elsewhere.  We are not able to test our products with competitive products as a system so we can’t say for sure it will work.  We know that some reducers do not work well in our base and that some cheap reducers will cause problems in our 2K products.  Keep in mind your best values are on our kits that contain everything you need for your color and clear.


How much paint do I need to paint my car?

The amount of paint required largely depends on the size of the vehicle, the color you choose, and the equipment and technique used while painting.  In general we recommend quart kits for painting motorcycles and gallon kits for painting the exterior of cars.  In some cases it will require less than a gallon to paint a car but due to the value in buying gallons vs quarts you can get a gallon for what it costs to buy three quarts.  It’s always nice to have a little left over in case of a future accidents.  If you are painting the engine bay, trunk/truck bed, we would recommend and additional quart to be safe.  Un-used containers can be returned for a refund less our original shipping cost.  The beauty of our sales model is you can often buy a gallon of our material for what one or two quarts would cost from others.




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