KGC-R01 Wine Red Candy Graphic Color

Wine Red over Black

Description:  Wine Red Candy Graphic Color is a transparent deep red color with a deep red pearl sparkle added.

Code: KGC-R01

Name: Wine Red Candy Graphic Color

Color Family: Red

Opacity: Semi-Transparent - Layers beneath while have a noticeable impact on color even after 3 coats.

Layering Requirements:  3 Stage over desired base or 2 stage over uniform urethane primer or sealer color.

Wine Red Over White

Outdoor Lightfastness:  Being built on a candy dye type color platform this color does not weather as well as most automotive colors.  See our 400 or 500 series pearl colors for alternatives that weather substantially better.

Sizes Available:  Quarts and Gallon.  Only Quarts are available through the web store.

Platforms Available:  Basecoat Only

Kits Available: Motorcycle Kit, Car Kit

Recommended Application: 75% overlap.
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