KGC-R11 Apple Red Candy Graphic Color Basecoat

Apple Red Over White

Description: Apple Red Candy Graphic Color is a transparent red color with a brilliant red pearl sparkle effect.

Code:  KGC-R11

Name: Apple Red Candy Graphic Color

Color Family: Red

Opacity: Semi-Transparent - Layers beneath while have a noticeable impact on color even after 3 coats.

Layering Requirements:  3 Stage over desired base or 2 stage over uniform urethane primer or sealer color.

Apple Red Over Black

Recommended Primer/Base Color:  Any color will work.  Choose based on desired color effect

Outdoor Light-Fastness:  Due to the nature of the dye used cobalt blue does not weather well when compared to typical blue automotive finishes.  Consider using a similar 400 or 500 series for improved durability.

Sizes Available:  Quarts and Gallon.  Only Quarts are available through the web store.

Platforms Available:  Basecoat Only

Kits Available: Motorcycle Kit, Car Kit

Recommended Application: 75% overlap.  Walk the sides.

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