PGC-O432 Orangelo Orange Pearl Basecoat Color

Orangelo Orange Pearl

Description: Orangelo Orange Pearl Basecoat Color is a medium to dark orange pearl with a strong gold pearl sparkle in the sun. Orangelo orange pearl is redder (more orange) than sunset orange pearl and more orange than inferno orange pearl.

Code:  PGC-O432

Name: Orangelo Orange Pearl Color

Color Family: Orange

Opacity: Semi-Opaque – Layers beneath may have a slight impact on final color.

Layering Requirements:  2 Stage Pearl color.  No specific color required beneath.

Recommended Primer/Base Color:  Light Grey, Medium Grey or our Orange Sealer work great.

Outdoor Light-Fastness:  This color has good weathering characteristics when used properly as part of our system.

Sizes Available:  Quarts and Gallon.  Only Quarts are available through the web store.

Platforms Available:  Basecoat and Single Stage

Kits Available: Motorcycle Kit, Car Kit

Recommended Application: 50-75% depending on your gun set up.

Photos of this Color Submitted By Customers: